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Hey 👋🏼 I'm Killian.

My two brothers and I at the Gap of Dunloe

Pictured: My two brothers and I (in the middle) at the Gap of Dunloe, Ireland, circa March 2021

I’ll share a bit about me, what I’ll be writing about, and why I’m starting this blog.

Ready? Cool.

Who is “Killian Lynch?”

I’m a 26-year-old Texas native, currently living in Austin, Texas, but I’ll be moving to London at the end of October 2023 (and I’ll probably write a blog about it once I get settled). I’m a Product Manager for the tech company Oracle, and my greatest aspiration in life is to not waste it.

When I was asked at the ripe old age of 16 what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I had no idea. So, like any teenager with internet access, I googled it. I searched 'highest paying jobs out of college' and what I remember reading was: Computer Science, Doctor, and Lawyer. The idea of paying for extra schooling at that time wasn’t appealing to me, so I went with Computer Science.

One week before my senior year spring break, Covid-19 hit and shut down the world including the upcoming job fair and the rest of my in-person senior year.

School from my house gave me a lot of free time, which included a large amount of time playing beer pong. However, after a month of feeling incredibly lazy, I turned my attention towards graduation and trying to find a job. To the fault of no one (unless you want to blame it on covid), the “online” job fair was just as bad as it sounds.

This is where I turned to LinkedIn. Through some persistence and luck (the luck part, thanks to Jesse Schumacher, and... thanks again, Jesse), I found myself at Oracle as a Solution Engineer.

Fast forward a bit, and I've made my way into the Oracle Database Product Management team, where I currently am.


Now to what I write.

What do I write, and what is a Product Manager anyways?

I’ll mostly be writing a technical blog about the Oracle Database. The topics will range from things like Cool Tips and Tricks to make your Oracle Database experience as easy as possible to Demystifying the Oracle Database (as much as I possibly can).

Now I said “mostly” about the Oracle Database. I’d say 70% Oracle Database and 30% me musing on topics like why you should travel more, how you can easily learn to invest for yourself, and any other crazy stories I want to share.

To the question what is Product Management?

While I was interviewing different Product Managers to learn more about their roles before deciding to pursue this path, everyone seemed to have a slightly different explanation of what the role entailed.

The answer I found most useful was comparing a Product Manager as a mini-CEO. Where a CEO oversees all aspects of a company, a Product Manager oversees all aspects of a product.

As a Product Manager for the Oracle Database, I get to work with a variety of different groups inside Oracle, ranging from development, marketing, sales, legal and more. I’m also an evangelist for the product (hence this website), so I get to do things like work directly with our customers, attend conferences, give talks and presentations, and more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work so far, and if you’re interested in it at all, please reach out. I’d love to talk.


So what’s my master plan with this whole blog thing?

Right now, to share what I’ve learned about the Oracle Database and use it as a way to continue exploring different Oracle Database features and tools, while writing about them as I go.

And finally, I hope this blog can be as useful as some of the blogging websites that I’ve used to learn about the Oracle Database (,, and


That’s all for now! Catch me on LinkedIn or email me at


- Killian



P.S. I'd like to say thanks to Dom Giles who suggested/coxed me into creating this site.

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